After spending two and half weeks in the Bay Area, I absolutely have no complaints throughout my entire stay. The Bay Area treated me right and the best part about it was the relationships I’d established. Overall, my stay was quite productive in a business sense and it’s awesome to have connections in various cities, especially in Oakland, San Jose, and of course San Francisco. One guy in particular, Dupree Gant, took me around the entire city of SF during my recent stay, which is only seven miles long and wide by the way.

Dupree and I met through a public relations firm I worked for called Creative Edge Public Relations. The company operated virtually so all of its employees communicated through emails and conference calls. It wasn’t until February of this year that we met in person. Dupree showed me places in SF that I probably would not been able to find venturing on my own, which is a huge perk of befriending a local in another city. Since Dupree has been living in SF for a little over 8 years and developed many relationships throughout the city, I knew he would be the perfect person to feature in this segment.

Dupree is a 30-something year old SF resident that possesses many talents. He’s a private sports trainer, stylist of numerous social influencers, producer, and poet. He was originally born in SF but was raised in Southern California by his adopted parents. Dupree expressed to me how truly blessed he is to have such a strong support system from both his biological and adopted family and comes from a long line of successful engineers, athletes, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs. It wasn’t until he moved back to SF in 2008 that he begin to hone his crafts and utilize them towards building relationships and bringing awareness of the importance of community engagement.

So without further or due, I present the Ask A Local segment featuring Dupree Gant of San Francisco:

  1. Which part of the Bay Area do you reside in and how many years have you been living there?

“I reside in San Francisco CA, I’ve been living here on and off for about 8 years now.”

  1. What are some interesting facts about the Bay Area?

“The recent boom of start up companies and technology firms have shaped the new SF and it has also made an impact of the movement and growth of the new Oakland.”

  1. What do you love most about SF?

“What I love the most about SF is the beautiful scenery and the development of communities small and large.”

  1. What do you despise about SF?

“I despise the lack of rental control and the availability of affordable housing.”

  1. What are some must-see sites that every SF new comer needs to experience?

“Check out Coit Tower in SF, Union Square, and Ghirardelli Square.“

  1. What are some of the best places to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

“Foreign Cinema located in the Mission District of SF has a really amazing breakfast and brunch menu. If you’re a fan of wings, check out Dr. Teeth and on Wednesdays there’s a 25-cent wing special. Lastly, a really nice dinner option would be Fresca Peruvian Restaurant located in the Avenues District of SF.”

  1. How’s the nightlife and share all the hotspots?

“The Night life is pretty good and my top places are the Matrix in the Marina, the Ruby Skye, and Harlot SF.”

  1. We all know California can get quite expensive, so what are some tips and tricks visitors can use to save some money?

“Visitors can research various meet ups that host free events and networking opportunities.”

  1. When is the best time to visit SF?

“The best time to visit SF is during the spring and summer time when all of the fairs and festivals occur.”

  1. What advice would you give to those who are interested in visiting for the first-time?

“Get an early start and spend a whole day walking around in different districts. You will definitely find a lot of cool places around SF.”

Ask A Local via Taylor Takes a Trip:

The Ask A Local segment is my way of covering those basic travel questions that most people would like to know when traveling to a city for the first time. The people that I choose to feature will range from family members, old and new friendships, business associates, or random folks that I just so happen to befriend on my trips.

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Very dope insight! The Ask A Local segment you have is pretty good and I like the idea. Definitely need to make my way to SF. Nice Work Taylor.


Thanks Ramon! 🙂

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