Since I was younger, I’ve always been quite particular about things being a certain way. My particularity ranged from the way my hair looked, what outfits I wore, my belongings had to be organized, and especially towards any activity or project I engaged in. Basically anything I touched had to be great. So when did I realize I was a perfectionist? Well, people who knew me pretty well would just call me one. I didn’t see anything wrong with the label so I just owned it.
So what is a perfectionist exactly?
According to Google, it’s someone who rejects any standard shy of perfection. By this definition I would have to agree that this describes me as a kid. Now that I’m older, I find myself to have perfectionist tendencies.
To some, perfectionism is perceived as an annoying trait to have and can be a pain in the ass to deal with. Well I beg to differ that idea. I believe it’s just how your mind is wired and just like every other aspect in life, there are pros and cons of being a perfectionist. I’ve compiled my very own list based on personal experience.
PRO: Can Always See “The Big Picture”
Perfectionists are obviously obsessed with everything being perfect. Therefore, they tend to be the ones who put forward extra effort, time, and consideration towards their tasks or decision-making. Perfectionists never half ass anything, which in most cases the outcome is amazing.
CON: Extremely Particular
Perfectionist tend to way the good and bad of a scenario prior to its happening, therefore being better prepared for the circumstances.” They will do anything in their power to avoid negative outcomes, which causes one to be extremely particular about everything. It can become irritating at times, especially while working with people. Others may find it frustrating to work with a Perfectionist because they’re not willing to compromise their rightful ways. Perfectionists may also find it severely nerve-wracking when other individuals may not fully grasp their vision.
PRO: Constantly Improving
This is my favorite quality of being a perfectionist. As human beings, we’re growing continuously. However, some people become complacent which causes them to stop challenging themselves. I’ve personally come across a few individuals that were twice my age with the mindset of a teenager. Perfectionists can’t handle the thought of being static or digressing.
CON: Never Satisfied
I will admit, this is one major issue I’m dealing with myself. Although the amount of time and effort perfectionists put towards anything may be perceived as an awesome job to most people, the perfectionist may think otherwise. Any type of project, content piece, or anything I lay my hands on, I always think that it can be better. You can get so wrapped up in providing nothing less than the absolute best that it causes one to overthink and become doubtful. Whenever I find myself being conflicted and unsatisfied, I just check myself and accept things for what they are.
PRO: Detail-oriented
This is an essential quality to have because you’re able to read between the lines and highlight hidden issues that others may not see. For instance, on the job you can tell when tasks are out of order because you are well aware of the standard procedures. Or in regards to personal relationships, you can spot when there’s something wrong with a relative or close friend by their odd behavior. Detail-oriented people notice patterns and can easily spot when something’s off track, especially perfectionists.
CON: Wasting Time
Perfectionists’ waste a ton of time trying to be perfect. For me it can sometimes take a toll on my work. For example, when I’m writing I can put the majority of my time into making one particular sentence perfect. It could take up to 45 minutes to a few hours for me to finish a paragraph sentence because I’m always going back to make changes. Also, perfectionist can withhold from sharing their work or accomplishing certain goals because they feel it’s not the right time to do so.
PRO: Failure is Never an Option
Perfectionists can’t even fathom the idea of failure, because it’s never an option. That’s why in most cases they put 100% into whatever it is that they’re doing. The fear of failure or just making a simple mistake is one of the main reasons why perfectionists love making alterations. When they do make mistakes, they are great at learning from them because they never want to repeat it ever again.
CON: Failure is Never an Option
In life, people make mistakes and things don’t work out as planned, which can drive perfectionists insane. Due to their detailed oriented nature, they always have specific goals that need to be accomplished at a certain time. If the outcome isn’t as planned, it feels like it’s the end of the world.

So how did grow out of obsessing over everything being perfect?
Well I just learned how to become secure within myself. I basically grasp the concept of acceptance. I accepted the fact that there is no such thing as a standardize way of perfection. Plus, imperfections are just as if not more beautiful than whatever the hell perfect is. Everyone has their own idea of what perfect is and it’s exhausting to always stress over the opinions of others. All that really matters is what you think of yourself, and I think I’m pretty damn awesome. Flaws and all!
Well I hope you all find helpful, inspiring, and/or amusing.
God Bless 🙂

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