Good day everyone! For the past 3 1/2 years, I’ve traveled more than I’ve ever had in my life. On my departures, I always bring a sturdy travel backpack. This particular bag is very reliable and has a ton of space for all of my possessions. Perfect for road trips and using as a carry-on item for plane rides. On top of that, it’s so cute!

Each time I set to travel, I have my very own set of key necessities that I never leave the house without. If I were to forget or lose any of the items listed below, I would feel extremely incomplete and would probably lose my mind!

Here are my top must-haves that I always pack in my travel bag:

Multi-purpose Wallet

Obviously, I or anyone else in the world wouldn’t be able to do anything without a wallet. For traveling specifically, I prefer to carry a functional wallet that can be used for multiple purposes outside of holding my ID, credit/debit cards, and cash. Sometimes I use my wallet as a clutch for those moments when I don’t feel like carrying a purse. It’s spacious enough to hold all of my essential everyday items, such as: lip balm, sticks of gum, and even my cell phone.

iPhone 5s

Just like most individuals in the 21st century, my cell phone is attached at the hip; don’t judge my outdated phone! In addition to making phone calls, checking emails, and texting, I mostly use my iPhone to listen to my favorites music. Also, there are many useful apps I use when I travel, such as, Yelp, Uber, and photo editing apps for social media posts.

MacBook Pro

This device is my everything! Call me crazy, but if I had to choose between my MacBook Pro and iPhone, the choice of my laptop would be a no brainer. On my travels, my MacBook is one of the items I tend to use the most. I write, work, listen to music, edit my photos, watch movies, surf the Internet, and basically plan out my entire life on my MacBook.

Canon Rebel T3i Camera

For those who didn’t know, I’m a photography lover. Every new place I visit, it is vital for me to capture photos. With a Canon Rebel T3i, I get tons of high quality photographs on my travels. It’s also very easy to use for beginner or amateur photographers and videographers. Another great feature on the Canon Rebel T3i is that it’s an interchangeable lens camera for those who wish to enhance the quality of photos and videos.


In order to listen to my music in peace, I have to bring a pair of great quality headphones. These Beats haven’t steered me wrong thus far. What I love most about these headphones is the quality of sound it has. You wouldn’t be able to hear any outside noises besides whatever you’re listening to. In my opinion, music just makes the world go round and I love jamming my favorite songs during any situation, especially traveling.

Battery Chargers

All of the electronics listed wouldn’t be of any use without the battery charger. When I’m preparing for a trip, I make sure to pack every single charger I need before leaving my house. I probably double-check 3 or 4 times just to be sure, that’s how serious I am about my chargers. Also, in order for them to be easily accessible, I have a specific storage pocket in my backpack reserved only for my chargers.

Beauty & Hygiene Essentials

Each of these beauty/hygiene essentials has a specific purpose on my travels. The Double-Mint gum is for fresh breath, the Purell is to protect my hands against germs, the Vaseline is my go-to item for chapped lips or ashy elbows, the red circle thing is a blot sponge great for removing oil off my face, I use the body butter mainly as a hand or face moisturizer, and lastly the Bare Minerals foundation along with the make-up brush helps with refreshing my face when it’s time to take pictures.

Light Jacket

To me, it always feels like it’s below 50 degrees in airports and even worse on airplanes. That’s why I always travel with a light jacket. Also, weather is known for being unpredictable at times, that’s when my light jacket comes in handy for those unexpected rain showers and cold fronts. For those moments when the weather wants to be sunny, I just tuck the jacket back in my bag or tie the sleeves around my waist.

Passport (Wishful Must-Have Item)

I’ve had this passport for a little over a year now and it’s sad to say that I’ve never gotten the chance to actually use it. All of the places I visited so far were only in the US. However, it is my goal that by the end of 2016 to finally use this bad boy. In 2017, hopefully my passport will become a must-have-all-the-time item, **crosses fingers**.

Well I hope you all find this helpful and/or amusing.

God bless 🙂

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