On countless travel ventures, I’ve had my fair share of being accompanied by family members and close friends. From personal experience, I’m pretty confident to say that I’ve mastered the art of assembling the most ideal group of people to travel with. Each personality plays a significant role towards making a travel trip worthwhile.

Here’s my list of 5 types of people that would make the perfect travel group.

1. The Idea Initiator
The name is pretty self-explanatory; they’re the type that will generate all of the grand ideas for the group to engage in on the trip. The Idea Initiator has a optimistic attitude, very creative, spontaneous, and lives for exploring new things. Typically, they will be the one who came up with this fantastic idea to travel in the first place. He or she will make sure that the group takes advantage of the tourist attractions, locally known restaurants, shopping, bars, and anything else that particular city has to offer. The Idea Initiator would be beneficial to travel with because they will bring the adventure making everyone’s travel experience fulfilling.

2. The Mama/Papa Bear
The Mama/Papa Bear’s role is to be the responsible caretaker of the group. This is the friend that everyone confides in, very protective of their love ones, gives useful advice, and tends to have that strong intuition that can spot when a certain situation is or isn’t right. They will make sure that everyone is feeling okay, having a great time, and will take care of that one friend who can’t control their alcohol. Also, the Mama/Papa Bear will be the one who will pay your way if you ran out of money. The Mama/Papa Bear would be an essential edition because they will keep the group in line, yet, encourage everyone to have the time of their life.

3. The Wild Child
If you want laughs and shenanigans, the Wild Child will get the job done. This is the friend that’s the life of the party, doesn’t think before acting out, and has no filter what so ever; but in a hysterical way. They bring the excitement, jokes, ice-breakers, and are never afraid to do anything. But be mindful, you want to bring a fun person with self-control. Constantly worrying about your grown friend getting too crazy is never fun, especially while traveling. Other than that, the Wild Child will heightened the level of entertainment like no other.

4. The Connector aka “The Plug”
The Connector aka “The Plug” is that person in your circle of friends that seems to know EVERYONE. This is the one that will get VIP access to a exclusive event by knowing the coordinator, get discounted flights by being related to a flight attendant, or routinely receive free drinks at a certain bar by knowing the owner. Everyone seems to know your popular friend and he or she will not hesitate to connect with an unfamiliar face. When it’s time to travel, they will set up some pretty legitimate opportunities just by knowing the right people, such as: front row seats to a comedy show, field passes to a NFL game, backstage access to a concert, and etc.

5. The Easy-Going Person
Have you ever known someone with a cool demeanor that’s liked by everyone 99.9% of the time? Well that’s your Easy-Going person. This is the friend that’s down-to-earth, low-maintenance, has zero enemies, and completely drama-free. He or she has an old soul and never dwells on problems; only finding solutions. In their mind life is simple, it’s people that make it more difficult. All they want to do is have a good time and be around good people. In my opinion, the Easy-Going person is one of the best types to travel with. Who doesn’t want to be around someone who brings nothing but good vibes?

From your own interpretation of the five traits, ask yourself which do you connect with the most? You could relate with one or the other, three out of five, or match up with all of them. Me personally, I find myself to be more like the Idea Initiator and the Easy-going person. But from past experiences traveling with multiple personalities, I can and will play all five roles. Depending on the circumstance…

Well I hope you all find this helpful and/or amusing.

God Bless 🙂

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