To all the great people that’s taking time out of their precious lives to read this…
HELLO!!! 🙂
For those who don’t know me very well or never knew I existed, my name is Taylor and welcome toTaylor Takes a Trip, my personal travel and lifestyle journal. Oh & FYI, this is my first blog post EVER!!!
Now lets get a little deep shall we…
Taylor Takes a Trip started as an idea that I kept tucked away in my mind for almost a year. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago, November 2015 to be exact, that I decided to bring this idea to life and see where is takes me.
Let me break down the past few years of my life and what I’m looking forward to in the future with Taylor Takes a Trip:
I graduated from college in 2014 receiving my B.A. in Communications. Earning my degree was a huge accomplishment but there was just one problem, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I applied for countless communication positions and all the employers told me the same thing, I lacked experience. I did prepare myself mentally to not allow rejections hinder my confidence. Unfortunately, rejections became a continuous cycle, which cause my attitude to change drastically. I went from being this optimistic person to someone who straight up did not give a damn about anything!
I thought to myself,”who were they to tell me I had no experience? Screw all of them and I’m sick of waiting around for somebody to hire me. I’ll create my own experience.”

After months and months of stressing over being unemployed, I finally came to realization. Why was I feeling sorry for myself about employers not hiring me when I never liked working for people in the first place?
I’ve been told my entire life to go to school, get your degree, and find a job in your field. I was driving myself insane chasing after a life that was never intended for me to have. I thank God that I finally woke up and started being truthful with myself. That standard 9 to 5 corporate life was way too BORING for me!
I’ve known so many people throughout my life that absolutely hated their jobs with a passion. It would be so severe to the point where they would dread waking up every morning. Yet, they continued living this way because they believed it’s the normal way of living and had no other choice but to accept it. Well I’ve never been too fond of doing the normal thing; I’m more interested in doing my own thing.
I believe in learning from others around you, and did not want my life to be revolved around a job that made me unhappy. So instead becoming solely focused on being employed, I wanted to concentrate more on becoming self-employed and capitalizing on the things that I enjoy. So what exactly brings joy into my life?
Well I love doing the following: learning, creating new experiences, sharing, helping others, and many more…and that’s howTaylor Takes a Trip came into existence. Every time I travel it’s like this wave of newfound fulfillment that showers over me. It could be the thrill of a new adventure or maybe it’s the fact that 99.9% of the time I travel, I have the time of my life! So in conclusion, I figured this blog could be the golden ticket I needed all along.
With Taylor Takes a Trip, I plan to document my personal journey, figuratively and literally. I will share my most profound travel experiences as well as my mental growth as an emerging young adult. It is my hope that through this blog I could inspire others to find their truth. Try not to allow outside opinions control or restrict you from becoming who you truly are. Figure out what your purpose is for being alive in this big beautiful place called Earth. At the end of the day, we are all meant to find our own happiness and love one another.
To all the great people that stuck with me and read thoroughly to the end…THANK YOU!!!
I hope you enjoyed the first official post on my blog.
God Bless and don’t hesitate to subscribe :).

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