My 5 Hour & 5 Dollar Trip to The Golden Nugget in Lake Charles

Let me start by saying that this was by far the shortest trip I’d ever taken! The best part about it was that it was spur of the moment and I only spent five bucks. Don’t believe me? Well keep reading about how I only spent five hours and five dollars at The Golden Nugget in Lake Charles Louisiana. It was a … Continue Reading

My Trip to Kentucky: 9 Years Later

I’ve been living in Houston all my life, but my mother was actually born and raised in Lexington Kentucky. My grandparents moved her and my uncle to Texas when they were teenagers and never intended on moving back. Since I was 4 years old, my mom would send my brother and I down to Lexington to … Continue Reading

What Makes the Perfect Travel Group

On countless travel ventures, I’ve had my fair share of being accompanied by family members and close friends. From personal experience, I’m pretty confident to say that I’ve mastered the art of assembling the most ideal group of people to travel with. Each personality plays a significant role towards making a travel trip worthwhile. Here’s my list of 5 types of people that would make … Continue Reading

The Perfect Place to View the Golden Gate Bridge

Good day everyone! This month I spent an entire week in the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose California. A pretty cool part about this trip was that this very week was Super Bowl 50, which was hosted in San Francisco. Check me out at the NFL Experience! Besides taking part in all of … Continue Reading

My CHEAP Trip to New Orleans

Good day everyone! This past December, one of my closes friends, Kay, graduated from Prairie View A&M University; the same exact college I received my Bachelor’s Degree from. After all the stress, sweat, blood, and tears endured from undergrad, it was imperative for us to celebrate her milestone to the fullest. Kay calls me up suggesting that we take a road trip to … Continue Reading

Visiting The Motown Museum

Great day everyone! This past November, I traveled to Detroit Michigan for the very first time. My main reason for visiting was to see the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions football game. Obviously, I was rooting for the RAIDERS!!! In addition to my list of reasons for going, I simply wanted to see a city … Continue Reading

Taylor Takes a Trip…The Beginning

To all the great people that’s taking time out of their precious lives to read this… HELLO!!! 🙂 For those who don’t know me very well or never knew I existed, my name is Taylor and welcome toTaylor Takes a Trip, my personal travel and lifestyle journal. Oh & FYI, this is my first blog post EVER!!! Now lets get … Continue Reading