Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Travel Guide

I’m feeling pretty ecstatic that I’ve marked off yet another city on my list of places to visit, Cabo San Lucas. I’ve heard countless stories about Cabo since I was in high school and now from my experience, it’s definitely somewhere I’d go to relax and party. After spending five days there, I would say … Continue Reading

Taking on Colorado By Chance

It’s the beginning of March and I’ve spent over 24 hours amongst the ski villages in Colorado; which has been a dream of mine since I was a child. By living in Houston, the weather is precisely unpredictable but for the most part it’s always hot and humid year-round. I can count on one hand the amount of times … Continue Reading

How I Survived 4 Days in Austin With Only $100

For my first travel excursion of the year I conducted a little experiment. I wanted to see if I could pull off a four-day road trip with only $100 to spend. I noticed when I talk to certain people about traveling, lack of money is the main reason many don’t take the initiative. Well I want to shed some light … Continue Reading

First Time Being a Foreigner

In the month of August 2016, I accomplished one item on my bucket list and traveled out of the United States for the first time. I would mention that this post is long overdue, but actually, I completely forgot to write about it. So much has been going within the past six months and now … Continue Reading

Ask A Local | Dupree Gant of San Francisco CA

After spending two and half weeks in the Bay Area, I absolutely have no complaints throughout my entire stay. The Bay Area treated me right and the best part about it was the relationships I’d established. Overall, my stay was quite productive in a business sense and it’s awesome to have connections in various cities, … Continue Reading

8 Things To Do in Mexico City

Recently, I took a getaway trip to Mexico City with some of my family members and I must say that my four-day stay was quite bizarre but in an interesting way. There I witnessed locals crawling on their knees towards their church as a way of giving thanks for answering prayers. The toilet paper for … Continue Reading

My Unfortunate First Cruise Experience

Before the end of October 2016, I’d never experienced a cruise before in my life, so the anticipation prior to this trip was real! For years I’ve listened to countless stories from family members, friends, co-workers, strangers, and so on about their cruise experiences and how much fun they were. When the opportunity arose to … Continue Reading

The Perks of Flying at Dusk or Dawn

You know what’s funny? I got inspired to write this piece from an Instagram picture I recently posted on my page. If you’re not following me already, do me a favor and click this link,Taylor’s Instagram, and make it happen please :). Anyway, I didn’t really think too much of the post at first besides … Continue Reading

Views From The Grand Canyon

This past week I spent a lot of time in Las Vegas Nevada. My reason for going was to work an event but of course I made time to explore around. Prior to my trip, I researched all types of activities to do and what immediately caught my attention was the Grand Canyon. Although the Grand … Continue Reading

7 Ways to Avoid Over Packing

Tonight I will be traveling to Vegas for a week, which is what inspired this post because I’m trying my very best not to over pack. Honestly, I commend those individuals who keep it simple on their travels. I wish I could travel light for long periods of time without much maintenance, but for some reason I always have too much … Continue Reading