My name is Taylor, the creator behind the blog. I’m a twenty-something year Houston native with an obsession for travel, having fun, & creating new life experiences. I created Taylor Takes a Trip to share my most memorable travel stories & express my personal growth as an individual.

Here I will document all the places that I personally consider to be “Must Go Spots” to visit if you’re planning to travel to a city, state, or country that I’d previously explored. These spots will range from: restaurants, cool tourist sites, romantic get-aways, fun nightlife locations, and etc. Additionally, I will share some of my most effective tips that I routinely use for traveling & for my daily lifestyle.

Taylor Takes a Trip is my journey towards becoming the person I’ve always aspire to be: happy & free to do whatever the hell I want..haha! Overall, how you choose to live your life is up to you.

I’m choosing to live mine WILLINGLY!!!


“Life’s a Trip. A journey of self-discovery. I always remind myself to never forget to enjoy the ride.”

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