Let me start by saying for the past month, it’s been quite a struggle for me to get a post written. I haven’t traveled anywhere since Colorado and I’ve decided to put my trips on hold for now to work and save a little money. It’s been challenging because the bulk of my content is from travel. I even find that some of my best ideas come to me when I’m taking off somewhere. In the midst of brainstorming blog ideas, for some reason, an older piece I’d written came to mind, March Madness.

March Madness was by far the toughest post I’d ever shared and one of my most popular pieces. March is my birthday month and I expressed thoughts of feeling dissatisfied with how everything was panning out in my life; which caused a ton of confusion and self-doubt. As a result, I’ve grown to trust in the unknown and learned the importance of patience and understanding how God will position you for greater blessings. As this post came to mind, I also realize that today, April 25th, marks a year that it was published; it’s mind-blowing how timing works!

One day I took time to do some self-reflecting comparing the state I was in this time last year to where I am today.  I’m hear to testify how that very same lesson still stands. God truly has positioned me in ways I couldn’t fathom at the time and still don’t fully understand today. The major difference between my previous self and now, is my attitude. I no longer worry about what lies ahead for me because it’s all according to God’s plan. I’m no longer afraid of failure because I know I can always try again. I now go numb when I get hit with rejection because I no longer waste time beating myself up about it. I don’t stress as much over making mistakes because I understand that’s what you’re suppose to do as a human being. Lastly, I now see myself having less self-doubt and more self-love. Don’t get me wrong I still have my down moments but I’ve learned how to bounce back. Once I adjusted my attitude, I started to notice that every want and need I’ve prayed for were beginning to manifest.

At the beginning of 2017 I expressed in a post how this was the year of doing and I’m living up to that motto and beginning to reap some benefits. I’m praying more, meditating, reading more books, exercising, eating healthier, growing my network, establishing new relationships while rekindling old ones, and the list goes on and on. As a result, more opportunities are emerging and I’m in a happier state and continue to progress. What truly reassured that I’m on the right path was this past Sunday when I attended church.

During the sermon, the Pastor continuously referenced today’s date, Tuesday April 25th, specifically the number 25. He asked that all men write their names on a sheet of paper so that he can pray for every single man this Tuesday. He expressed how God told him to pray for these names today because the number 25 is quite significant. The number 25 in the Bible represents Grace upon Grace or multiplying Grace. Meaning that God will provide the full extent based on your desired needs and wants. Although the Pastor was speaking to all men of the church, I immediately knew God was using him to get through to me as well. The reason being is that I already had it mapped out in my head to recap March Madness on this date. In addition, the Pastor just kept reiterating certain words and phrases that I’d been thinking prior. It seemed like he was reading my mind!

Overall, I understand fully the way God positions you for greater blessings because I’m currently living through it at this very moment. Last year he was choosing the right spot to plant the seeds and now the stems are slightly emerging. Although my desires haven’t fully manifested yet, I know I must first secure strong roots in order to handle any everything that shall come my way. Again, today is the day of multiplied grace. God loves numbers and uses others to relay his messages. He’s probably using me to get through to all that are reading this right now…

God Bless 🙂

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