The year of 2016 is coming to an end, which means the start of forming new resolutions. But before I begin all of that, I feel it’s important to recap all that has occurred throughout the year. I’ve went through some awesome experiences in 2016, as well as a ton of sad ones. Although it sucks going through low points, I’ve come to peace with it just being apart of life. Rather than dwelling in sorrow, I learned to see the bigger picture. Everything happens for a reason and hardships help shape who you truly are. Through my struggles in 2016, I’ve learned a lot about myself and where I want to be. Also, I realize a great way to get through tough times is to focus on your best moments.

Here are my Top Travel Moments of 2016:

Being Away For From Home Weeks At a Time


For some this may not sound like an accomplishment, but for me it was a pretty big deal. Majority of the people I know that travel tend to book trips for only a couple of days; no more than a week tops. It’s understandable because people have steady jobs and a family to attend to. I on the other hand am single with no children that travels and blogs about it for a living. It was literally no excuse for me to not venture out and expand my horizons, and that’s exactly what I did for the first time in 2016. I spent three whole weeks in the Bay Area and I enjoyed every minute of it. I got a little glimpse of what it was like to live there and I even developed some new friendships with various locals during that time.


Traveling Out the U.S. For The First Time

International Travel

This has been a goal of mine since I discovered my passion for travel, and I finally accomplished it in 2016. The first foreign place I traveled to was the Dominican Republic, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life! I still reminisce constantly, and if it was possible I would make it an annual tradition of mine to visit every single year.


Parasailing in the Dominican Republic

Visiting Punta Cana Dominican Republic was my most enjoyable travel moments of 2016 so I had to mention one of the highlights of this trip, and that was parasailing. I don’t know what it is but it’s something that quite therapeutic about parasailing. It started off as a rush, but after sitting up high for a while the scenery was quite mesmerizing to glance at. Another great part about parasailing in Punta Cana DR was that I captured it all on camera so I can relive that moment anytime I want!


Visiting the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was another accomplished goal of mine that’s been on my travel bucket list since I was a child. The views of The Grand Canyon was by far one the most majestic site I’ve seen in 2016. Definitely a moment I would like to experience again in my life.


Starting the Taylor Takes a Trip travel & Lifestyle Blog

Out of all my top travel moments, this is my proudest accomplishment. Taking a step out on faith and putting my work on the forefront was extremely hard for me to do; but I’m so happy that I did it! I’ve combined my passion for travel with my capability of creating content and turned it into a brand. Not many have the guts to take such a risk, and for that I’m truly proud of myself for making it happen. Taylor Takes a Trip has taught me so many valuable lessons, brought to light some hidden strengths, and helped with challenging certain weaknesses and fears of mine. At the beginning of the Taylor Takes a Trip blog, I’ve always intended to inspire others to live their lives willingly. In 2016, I’m content with saying that I’ve had a good start on this journey, I’ve experienced a taste of living with a purpose, and the best is yet to come!


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