I’m on a journey towards becoming the best version of myself while having the time of my life doing so. It is my hope to inspire others to do the same for themselves. Although there are still a lot of improvements that I need to make, I find myself becoming better just by partaking in the simplest yet effective everyday tasks. Even on the days that are not so great, completing at least one task can heighten your mood.
The suggestions listed below are extremely easy to do and will help towards becoming more balanced in your life, improving your mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, they also serve as reminders to always have a good time and to be content with being you, but in the best possible way.

Here are 27 everyday tasks that I use personally towards becoming a better me:

  1. Wake up on a positive note.
  2. Get out the house: run, walk, chill at the park.Be productive.
  3. Write down your ideas and don’t to let them go to waste.
  4. Set goals: Plan out your day, week- hell, might as well plan out the entire month.
  5. Put in 110% into everything you do, especially if it’s towards your dream career.
  6. Work on becoming healthier: change your diet, go to the gym- can’t afford a gym membership, run in your neighborhood.
  7. Make sure the point above is a lifestyle change and not temporary.
  8. Turn off that television!Read something motivational and up lifting.
  9. Expand your horizons.Be spontaneous and go on a trip…even if it’s solo.
  10. Do something in your city that you’ve never done before.
  11. Learn how to have fun by yourself.
  12. Learn from your mistakes.
  13. Learn from others.
  14. Try to steer away from negativity, including people.
  15. Hold on tight to every authentic and pure individual that you meet because they’re rare nowadays.
  16. Keep around those who know how to have a great time!
  17. Hang out with your elders: ask them questions and take what you can apply to your life.
  18. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  19. Continue to learn new things and never stop challenging yourself.
  20. Think, but not too much.
  21. Reflect/Pray/Meditate.
  22. Don’t dwell on things that stress you out.
  23. Focus on your happiness.
  24. Always do what works for you and never compare yourself with others.
  25. Remember that your path is different from everyone else.
  26. Always go after the things you want, but never forget to appreciate everything you have today.
  27. Keep in mind that you only have one life so make the most of it!
Well I hope you all find this helpful and/or amusing!

God bless 🙂

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