You know what’s funny? I got inspired to write this piece from an Instagram picture I recently posted on my page. If you’re not following me already, do me a favor and click this link,Taylor’s Instagram, and make it happen please :). Anyway, I didn’t really think too much of the post at first besides it being a pretty picture I’d captured on a previous flight. It wasn’t until I noticed the caption I wrote, “The Perks of Flying at Dusk or Dawn.” My first thought was how catchy it sounded and how it would be cool to use for a blog post title. As I dwelled more and more on the thought, I come to realize how much I love flights that are extremely early in the morning or late at night.

When booking a flight, I know of a lot of individuals that disregard flights that are considered to be either too late or too early. I on the other hand will jump quickly to book those particular flights, specifically times at 7:00PM- 7:00AM. Believe it or not, flying at dusk or dawn has its perks and here the reasons why I love early and late flights so much:

Ideal For Early Birds & Night Owls
Some people categorize themselves as an early bird or a night owl. In most cases, it’s extremely difficult for night owls to wake up early in the morning and for early birds to stay up all night. Call me weird, but I’ve never had issues waking up early or staying up all night. I actually enjoy doing both, which explains why I love naps so much. Overall, early and late flights work well for me since my favorite time of the day starts when the sun sets up until it rises again the very next day.

Early & Late Flights Tend to Be the Cheapest
If you haven’t noticed, early and late flights are cheaper than flights held during normal business hours. That’s because flights during the day are at higher demand and seats fill up quicker than early and late flights. The cheapest flights that are available typically fly out between 5AM-7AM or between 10PM-12PM, which works out perfectly for me because those specific times are what I usually prefer.

Early & Late Flights Are Not Crowded at All
Due to the fact that most people over look early and late flights, there are hardly ever any passengers on the plane, which is what I love! I don’t know of anyone who has ever had an issue with riding on an empty airplane, and if you do you’re insane! In my opinion, empty flights can raise your comfort level to an all time high. If you’re lucky, you could end up having an entire row to yourself. Rather than sitting straight up in a seat for hours, you can have your own personal lounge space to lie down, watch a movie, look out the window, or fall asleep like you’re in a bed.

Guaranteed Views of Beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets
I always look forward to viewing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, especially while I’m flying in an airplane. Hands down, this is my all time favorite part about early or late flights. I’ve never in my twenty-something years of living been disappointed by a sunrise or sunset. Everyday God’s artwork displays a different show that always leaves me in awe and feeling an immense amount of gratitude. If you’re having a rough day, week, or month, just stop what you’re doing and gaze out into a sunrise or sunset. I can guarantee that it will ease your mind, help you reflect, and may spark up some sort of inspiration or motivation within you.

Well I hope you all find this helpful and/or amusing!
God bless 🙂

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