Tonight I will be traveling to Vegas for a week, which is what inspired this post because I’m trying my very best not to over pack. Honestly, I commend those individuals who keep it simple on their travels. I wish I could travel light for long periods of time without much maintenance, but for some reason I always have too much stuff.

I’m a preparer, which is probably why I tend to travel with unnecessary items. This was more so an issue when I first started traveling and it’s gotten better as I started venturing off on a regular basis. What helped was seven useful tactics that I’ve been using for the past few months thats lowered my chances of packing too much crap.

Here are my top seven tips that help avoid over packing:

1. Make a travel checklist.
This is the very first thing I do before I pack. This method has helped me tremendously towards not leaving important items behind. It will also help save money and time spent on finding replacements while you’re out of town. An effective travel checklist consists of all your basic necessities, such as, a toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, razors, and etc. You can create your list using your notes on your phone, download a checklist app, or go the classic route like I do and write everything on a sheet of paper.

2. Check the weather.
Every place I travel, I always make an attempt to check the weather in advance. By doing this, I will know what types of clothing or any other must-haves I need to bring. If it’s a 90 percent chance of rain I know to pack rain boots and an umbrella or if it’s mostly sunny I know to pack shorts and sunglasses. This can help save money and put your mind at ease because you’ll already be prepared for the weather conditions.

3. Plan your outfits around the activities you will be doing.
If you’re traveling for a specific purpose, like a social event, or if you already have in mind what your activities will be, plan your outfits around your engagements. For instance, if you’re attending a destination wedding in Puerto Rico and you want to go on a Jet Ski tour then you know that you need to bring something formal as well as something to swim in. This method will help eliminate the possibility of bringing unnecessary clothing.

4. Pack clothing that’s versatile.
This is helpful for those times when you’re traveling for long period of time. Instead of packing a brand new outfit or two for each day of your trip, bring clothing that you can easily switch up. For instance, a simple cardigan will work great in either a casual or dressy setting. Also, neutral color clothing works best when it comes to mixing and matching.

5. Take photos of your outfits.
This is a great hack to use in order to avoid bringing additional clothing that you’re not going to wear. Sometimes when I would pack for a trip, I’d have an idea of an outfit in my head but as soon as I settle in my destination I’d forget about my outfit selections. The photos help for memory purposes and it also eliminates the possibility of leaving a particular piece of clothing behind. How I do it is either take a picture of an outfit lying against a hard surface or with the outfit on my body.

6. Travel with a small to medium size suitcase, or duffle bag.
I come to realize that packing with a large suitcase will often cause you to over pack. Though you may try not to, having all that unused space will create the desire to fill it with more stuff. Using a carry-on, medium size suitcase, or duffle bag is more practical because the amount of space is limited and you really only have room for the items you need.

7. Don’t worry about the “What Ifs.”
One of the main reasons I did over pack was because I was constantly thinking of “what if.”  “What if “ I’m out and I meet someone of importance like my future spouse or somebody that’s famous? “What if” it rains or a cold front comes, even though the weather app shows sunny skies at 80 degrees? “What if” I do this or end up doing that or “what if” this happens or that happens and so on and so on. This thinking alone will have you packing up your entire closet on your travels, and it sucks carrying around all that extra baggage.

Well I hope you all find this helpful and/or amusing!

God bless 🙂

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